I think I have storm damage!

This is the last thing you needed to be dealing with, right?  Most people are inexperienced is this process and it can feel overwhelming.  Well, you can breathe easy because Nationwide Roofing is here to guide you all the way through the process.  Remember, this is our specialty and it’s our job to ensure this process is worry-free for our customers.

Hail and wind damage may be impossible to see from the ground or with an un-trained eye, unless you have visible damage. You’ll need a professional damage assessment to confirm the damage. If you feel you have damage, you can call the claim into your insurance company or call Nationwide Roofing to assess the damage.

Four Key Terms You Will Want to Know

Deductible – The amount of money you are responsible to pay.  For most homeowner’s insurance policies, this deductible is per claim and not per year.

Actual Cash Value – Typically the amount of your first check that your carrier will issue to you.  This is a portion of the replacement cost of your damages.

Depreciation – Typically the amount of your second check that your carrier will issue to you.  This will be sent once the repairs are completed.  Upon completion, we will invoice your carrier for the total amount of the repair.

Replacement Cash Value – This is the total amount of your ACV plus your depreciation amount.

How do I make a claim?

  • File the claim with your insurance company. As soon as you can, make a thorough list of the damage and if possible, document the damage with photos or video.  This information will help your carrier to process your claim faster. When you call and speak with a representative, give them the date the damage occurred and offer to send over any pictures you may have.  If Nationwide Roofing has already been out, offer our estimate to them as well.  The insurance company will then schedule an adjuster to come out.
  • Meet with the adjuster at the scheduled time. After you have filed the claim, you will be contacted about meeting with the adjuster. If possible, call Nationwide Roofing to come out and meet with the adjuster as well, to compare notes and scopes. Typically the adjuster will provide you with the settlement amount at that time; however, some carriers that use independent adjusters may require their files to be review by a supervisor before any funds are issued.
  • Complete the work as soon as possible after your claim has been approved. Most insurance carriers have time limits so you will want to discuss this information with your carrier.  If you are approved for the full amount, your insurance company will send you a check for that amount, less the deductible and depreciation, so you can get the work completed. Sometimes the insurance company may not approve the full amount and in this case, the contractor will need to dispute the settlement.  This would be mainly for code upgrade items or if something is missing.