We are open for business and here to help with your roofing needs:

Shield Construction & Restoration is a COVID-19 essential business vital in shielding your family from the damage the weather does to your home- both inside and outside. Our work on roofs, siding, gutters, and most other places in your home is still ongoing- we never stop caring for our customers. Each customer is an Essential Customer at Shield Construction. 

As COVID-19 continues to change how businesses interact and operate, Shield Construction is following the most up-to-date touch-free protocol with all possible health and safety precautions provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We have shifted over to this protection protocol for the health and safety of our customers, the general public and our employees. 


1. Home Problem? If you have a leak (indoors or outdoors), missing shingles, tree branches on your roof, shingles in your yard, or any other sign of a problem with your home, you need to contact us.  

2. Call or Email Us: Call or email us for your free inspection for your home, your business or your home business. We can help. 

3. Free Inspection: An employee from our business will contact you and will coordinate a time that works for you via phone, video, text, conference or email. However you wish to communicate with us, we will meet you near, at, or by your home- wherever is most comfortable for you. 

4. Home Work: Depending on what is discovered from the inspection, we may need to enter your home briefly. While we are in your home, all possible safety precautions will be respected and followed strictly. We will keep a safe distance and will follow your personal safety protocols inside and outside your home.

5. Touch-less Paperwork: All paperwork will be processed online and emailed where possible. Paperwork may also be requested by mail if you prefer to receive it that way. You are provided with the most touch-free way to interact with and do business with us for your and your family’s protection. 

6. A+ Customer Approval: Our workers have high standards of workmanship that we want you to love. Our workers will clean up after themselves and will restore your home to how it was pre-damage. If you are not happy, we will find a solution until you are pleased with the work done inside or outside your home. Your satisfaction matters most to us. 

7. Refer a Friend: Before, during and after the work is finished, you can continue to contact us or even have a friend contact us. When you recommend a friend and we do work for that friend, once the work done on your friend’s home is completed, you can receive a $100.00 referral check. 

YOU are essential to us. 

Thank you, be safe and take care.

Shield Construction & Restoration