We like to keep you informed

About how long will it take for my new roof to be installed?
The total project time to install your roof can vary from project to project. Please contact a member of our helpful staff to get an exact estimate based on your specific project.

What kind of quality can I expect in the materials used on my roof?
Nationwide Roofing only uses materials that meet or exceed those described and agreed upon in the contract or work change orders.

What if the insurance adjuster misses something during his inspection of the damage?
Should anything be overlooked by your insurance adjuster, we will mediate these discrepancies to make sure you receive optimum results from your claim.

What does Nationwide Roofing’s warranty cover?
Our warranty covers all of our workmanship and any issues that may occur as a direct result of poor workmanship during your warrantycoverage.

How is this different from the Manufacturer’s Warranty?
A manufacturer’s warranty covers any issues that may occur due to faulty materials they have produced. Our warranty covers the workmanship performed by our company when installing, rebuilding or in the restoration of your roof.

Can we continue to live in our home while it is being repaired?
Typically, as long as the damage is not so extensive that remaining in the house is unsafe you may continue to reside there. However, this is subject to vary from customer to customer depending on the extent of the damage as well as its location. Please contact one of our staff to discuss whether or not your family should remain in your home.

What type of shingles will be used on my roof?
Typically, 2 types of shingles are used on your roof depending on your particular roof. A 3-tab style is used as a starter shingle while the secondary shingles vary based on the style and brand agreed upon.

What if there are lines installed underneath the roof deck?
If you are aware of any electrical, telephone, air conditioning or alarm system lines installed below your roof deck, please let us know upfront so that we can avoid the puncture of improperly installed lines or lines within 3 inches of the roof deck.

Do I have to take everything off my walls and shelves even if it is not in the same area as the construction on my roof?
We strongly suggest you take any valuables down from your walls to avoid them falling due to vibrations during construction. If you do not wish to do so, you run the risk of some of these items falling and breaking.

Who will trim the tree branches around my roof?
We will only trim branches that impede our crew from doing their job. If you have low-hanging branches around your roof, you should consider contacting a professional tree trimming company and having them come out prior to our start date.

Will anything fall inside during my roof repair?
When it is necessary to remove your existing roof, debris will fall into the attic. We suggest you either cover or remove any items of concern that are stored there.

What do we need to do to prepare for construction on our home?
To prepare for construction on your home we suggest you do the following:

  • Remove wall hangings and breakables from shelves.
  • Confine pets indoors or choose to board them during construction.
  • Cover your pool and move outdoor plants inside.
  • Park your vehicles away from your home, out of the way of the construction area
  • Disarm alarm system as vibrations from construction may trip it otherwise.
  • Move lawn furniture out of the way of the construction area.
  • Do not run your sprinkler system the night before or during construction.
  • Cover items in your garage or attic if there is no ceiling.

What do we need to do while construction is going on in our home?
While construction is going on in your home:

  • You will need to provide our crew with access to electricity and water.
  • Caution must be used to avoid nails and debris lying on the ground or falling around your home and driveway when coming and going.
  • Children should be kept indoors away from debris and construction.

What should I do once construction has been completed?
Once the construction on your home has been completed, check to make sure that everything that was disconnected has been re-connected. Clean-up will be provided by our crews. However, we strongly suggest that you walk around your home to check for any debris prior to allowing your children or pets outdoors.

Will we be able to keep any leftover materials once construction is complete?
Any leftover materials are property of Nationwide Roofing unless otherwise agreed upon in your contract.